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9-11-2014 - Lest we forget!

We welcome your thoughts and ideas on this
13th Anniversary of 9-11-2001

As you watch - honor those lost
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Special Pre 9/11
12th Anniversary Memorial Special

Many of our visitors know our friend, PDN Board member and NPST member NCO CJ Grisham who returned from deployed to Afghanistan last year.


I cannot begin to tell you what an honor it is to serve as the CEO of PDN, Inc. For over a decade, our volunteers have provided financial assistance to military families of deployed or severely injured Wounded Warriors and First Responders. We also spend a considerable amount of time using our resources promoting others who have made our all volunteer efforts possible.

2013-2014 presents our nation and our citizens with many challenges. Our mission is to meet some of those obligations with aggressive teamwork and use of emerging technologies.

Our Motto is to "Serve and Inform" with this in mind:

"There is no limit to the good you can do...
if you don't care who gets the credit."

(General George C. Marshall and President Ronald Reagan)

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Dave Jenest, CEO/Webmaster

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We did not forget 9.11 - May we share our tribute with you?

911 Audio Files
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The time it takes to download this special presentation will be worth the wait. Steve Golding's 911 tribute was viewed by millions around the world in the weeks that followed the attack on our country. It became such an inspiration that host servers could not keep up with the demand. PDN is honored to mirror and donate bandwidth for this special presentation. Thank you Steve!

If your children were too young to remember this day or you wish to just share something millions have, sit back and view this presentation. Perhaps this would be a good time to join hands and pray for our nation, our troops and their families. Perhaps it a fitting time to remember less familiar strains from America the Beautiful:

O beautiful for heroes proved In liberating strife.
Who more than self the country loved
And mercy more than life!
America! America!
May God thy gold refine
Till all success be nobleness
And every gain divine!

O beautiful for patriot dream
That sees beyond the years
Thine alabaster cities gleam
Undimmed by human tears!
America! America!
God shed his grace on thee
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!

A Tribute to FDNY

Fighting Back

From: Jim
Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 9:26 AM
Subject: Mail from PDN Site20Site

At a time when our nation's resolve seems questioned by so many, thank you for sharing these tributes with my family. We must never forget 911 nor the fact we are the shining light of freedom from oppression throughout the world. God Bless America.

From: Shelley Jane Arellano
Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 5:25 PM
Subject: Mail from PDN Site

Four years ago I was shocked and angered by the cowardly terrorist attacks against our

country.  I've since been determined to keep the memory of all the 911-01 alive, and the

 memories of our current heroes fighting the War Against Terrorism.   As a teacher I will

always honor these heroes and teach my students about the courageous acts to defend

our country and help their fellow Americans.


Two other 9/11 sites that I've been involved with are www.adamsangels.org and



God Bless America,

Shelley J. Arellano

Webmaster Note: The following message refers to an item our visitor passed along to us that you can read at the link Citizen Frank.


Sent: Monday, September 12, 2005 12:22 PM
Subject: RE: Mail from PDN Site

As I reread my writing at this time I realize that it has some grammatical and syntactical imperfections.  However, at the time I wrote the essay it was simply an extension of the void in my life that day - the imperfections of a broken heart.  I wanted it to express my feelings of grief, despair, disgust, anger, hostility and ultimately inspiration that I experienced. 
I wanted it to show the detractors of our country and our way of life that we Americans have the resolve to defeat adversity and to prevail in what we do.
Thanks for this opportunity to be heard.



From: Lynn Wharton

Sent: Sunday, September 07, 2008 7:19 PM
Subject: Mail from PDN Site

I sit here sobbing as though I had just seen and heard this horror, for the first time, to our beloved America! Our innocent men women and children murdered horribly! I've lost loved ones and dear friends but somehow this tragedy was beyond comprehension!  

I joined 3,000 other blood donors that day. Arriving at 5:10PM and leaving at exactly 11:10 PM. Three thousand people of all ethnicities, languages, religions, and cultures. As always, we were everyday Americans, loving our country and rising to its' need to save its' people with our blood and prayers. It reminded me so much of WWII!! I recall so vividly how Americans were then; strong, scared, and determined to win a war we didn't start... again! 

Today we still honor December 7, 1941, "a day that will live in infamy", when a similar attack on America took place in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. My sister in law was there as a child and recalls the terror. I also recall the terror though I lived safely in America.  

I pray always that America will never forget the images of 911 nor that evil walks among us daily. Therefore, we do not have the privilege of ignoring it because it makes us uncomfortable. Instead we must recognize our need to always be aware, vigilant and prepared to stand up and fight with everything we have in us, to see this never happens again to the American people and our beloved country! 

We are, and have always been, the hope of the world. We are the ones the world turns to when their hour is dark! We must never forget that we are a nation "under God" and He will be with us always to keep us safe, by giving wisdom to us and our conscionable leaders. God gave us senses, and we must use them in a strong, discerning way, to love and protect what He gave us, this nation.  

How very sad that those in Washington who were there the day that also will always live in infamy, 911, seem to have lost their memory of this nightmare! I recall them standing on the steps of the Capital singing God Bless America. It was a little comforting that our representatives seemed to be just frightened Americans like the rest of us. Maybe we need to remind them that they are as vulnerable as the rest of us and they need to use their skills, power and tools of good common sense to protect all of us. 

It isn't a matter of 'if' we're going to be attacked again, it's only a matter of 'when'. That is, if we don't continue to use every means possible to find and destroy our enemies, who enter legally and illegally every day. We can be grateful to President Bush for his strong leadership and use of tools necessary to keep America safe for seven years! The enemy is still there and still hates us! 

This isn't politics as usual, this is survival amidst the dark hearts of evil who are dedicated to destroying this country and all our people! 

Let's be strong and be vigilant daily! God Bless this great nation! 

Lynn Wharton, Fellow American.


Click on the image below for the September 11 Digital Archive

PDN is proud to share special moments, our visitor's expressions of faith in our nation and the inspiring works of patriotic Americans who will never forget 911.

Paul Michael Gordon has granted permission for anyone to use his film "September 11 Hero Tribute" and you can download it now. CLICK HERE



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