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This website just isn't big enough to do justice to Jeff Landay's Story, or his family, fellow Marines, KNCI 105.1 FM staff, KXTV-10, ABC's Bob Woodruff and a so many others.  Here is a young Marine, who may have done more to change the face of VA Wounded Warrior care, than all of us who do what we can to serve them.

- THEN -
Courtesy of KXTV-10 News

On January 6th 2006, Jeff and the rest of the 3/5 from Pendleton deployed to Iraq.

Jeff was the lead driver of the command platoon. Lt. Jensen, SgtMjr Kufchek, Cpl "Cheeks" Ramirez, and LCpl Bowie, were in Jeff's humvee. On May 21st, they left Camp Fallujah on a routine patrol. They had just crossed a bridge when they encountered a "routine" IED (improvised explosive device) with minimal damage and they continued their patrol.

Because of the earlier IED, Lt Jensen chose to return to camp on an alternate route. They came upon some debris in the middle of the road.

They could not go to the right because of some garbage bags, so Jeff went left. An IED was triggered and the humvee blew up and then veered off the road, traveling approximately 50 yards into a field. The rest of the platoon waited a few minutes when the break lights flashed and the vehicle turned around and headed back to the road with only three tires (the driver front tire was blown off). The humvee came to a halt when it hit some ruts right before the road. The platoon again waited for some response, but none came.

The passenger side of the vehicle was untouched so they had no idea how, if at all, bad it was. LtCol Looney ordered everyone to rush to their aid.

Cheeks Ramirez was the gunner of the vehicle and was the first to get aid. Corpsman Rodriguez (Doc Rod) assessed him, but Cheeks was already dead. Doc Rod then began aid to Lt Jensen when the others started yelling at him from the other side of the vehicle. They had pulled my son, Jeff, out and he was not breathing. Doc Rod began CPR. He was able to revive Jeff, and got him and the remaining injured safely to the hospital. I was notified the next day and told Jeff would probably not make it. Jeff was taken to a hospital in Baghdad, then to Germany.

Jeff was in a coma for nearly a month. He suffered a traumatic brain injury in which they had to remove the left side of his skull. Jeff also took shrapnel to his shoulder, and a wound that force doctors to rebuild his jaw. On September 28th Dr. Armanda reconstructed Jeff's head. Within 10 days Jeff had made a remarkable improvement. He then underwent a second surgery.

Jeff's speech continue to improve, but it is slow progress. He basically needs to learn how to pronounce words again. It is very humiliating for him. There have been many, many people who have offered prayers thought Jeff's ordeal.


Courtesy of KNCI, ABC and the Landay Family

"We would like to throw a welcome home party for Jeff and invite the community so we can thank them and share the experience of Jeff receiving his Purple Heart by LtCol Looney. We will also invite the rest of the 3/5 so we can honor them as well."

Anyone in Northern California is invited to come to this benefit! Aaron Tippin will be performing and CPL Landy will be awarded his Purple Heart. The proceeds will go to Jeff and his family to aid in his recovery. We thank all our volunteers to chipped in with us.

-  IT'S A WRAP -
No... it's a new and productive beginning

Courtesy of Jeff Landay Family - Devin Bruce - www.devinbruce.com

KNCI 105.1 FM New Country - 2006: If there was ever a model for our Heroes&Home, this New Country radio station is it!.  After Aaron Tippin returned from performing for the troops in Afghanistan over Thanksgiving, he was asked to lend a helping hand to a Marine injured in Iraq. Corporal Jeff Landay was seriously injured and after being in a coma for over a month, he had to undergo drastic skull and jaw reconstructive surgery. PDN catches a lot of case work from Palo Alto Polytrauma Rehabilitation Center.

The Pat and Tom from the KNCI morning show came up with the Idea to hold a fundraiser for Jeff.  They thought that holding a concert and raffle with all the money going to the family to cover medical expenses and other costs. Once Pat and Tom got the ball rolling KNCIís Program Director Mark Evans was able to talk to Aaron Tippon who agreed to donate his time and perform free of cost for the cause. 

As far as the event itself goes, Matt Vieira and Nate Samelson with the KNCI promotions department were able to get with Club Aqua who agreed to donate their location for the effort..  The station secured prizes from many businessí throughout the area for a raffle at the event also. Pat and Tom, Dan Cheatham, Greg Cole and Matt Vieira and Nate Samelson were all out at the event and helped set up everything and make sure everything went smooth. The event Raised about $10,000 for the event. Jeff was also presented with his Purple Heart by Lt Col Looney at the event.

A story of continuing courage and leadership


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