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Sacramento Bee

CENSORED BY THE SACRAMENTO BEE? Just when we sat about praising the Bee for covering this national disgrace, I find they deleted the first comment posted to the article. WHY? Too many FACTS? Links to the sources? Honoring a hero soldier?

Thank you Mr. Adams! We know the saga all to well. Here are some FACTS:

Current Dept. of Veterans Affairs BACKLOGGED CASES: 899,242 with 630,829 of them over four months old and in some cases for years! SOURCE:

Our allied nonprofit is the court of last resort for Military Caseworkers when the VA fails or the large well funded and highly advertised national charities find some reason to reject a request. We shouldn't have to do this: Peter's Story

While this Soldier of the Year in 2009 never complains and appreciates the excellent medical care he has received overall, he has been part of the nearly 1 million backlogged VA cases that has been devastating to him, his family and so many other actual combat injured veterans. Once processed and rated by the VA, most veterans receive compensation to help offset the cost of their disability. In this case, the VA has “lost” his files three times since 2006. In most cases, that means starting over. As long as these Wounded Warrior’s claims are backlogged, they have no access to compensation.

We're just a very small all-volunteer nonprofit where 100% of donor's contributions goes to paying bills for these wounded warriors. We pay our own bills out of our own pockets and have no paid staff or board members. I ask myself every day, why are we even needed. I suppose only First Sergeant Peter Lara can best answer that question.

"Never give in--never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy." - Sir Winston Churchill

Patriot's Response to the Sacramento Bee

Peter Joseph Lara - The government will listen when a soldier losses it at the VA hospital one day and just does something stupid because they are not getting any help just being told make an appointment and go see a doctor that shouldn't be a doctor, they have board members that shouldn't be board members they are back logged because they don't do the shit right the first time and don't know what the hell they are doing.

I have had 4 different doctors and staff tell me something different for the something and no one takes responsibility for screwing up. Soldiers wait and wait just to get that letter in the mail that says ur under review and u have to do it all over again because of a messup no sorry or who messed up just have to do it over again and wait 6 months for them to do nothing. But hey at least u moved up in status u went from the white group to the blue what ever the hell that means and ull get a $10 check in the mail for going to ur appointment because the VA wants to take care of you haha....

I have called there a hundred times and asked who, how, or when do I get my back pay of 40k and no body knows lol. I actually had one lady tell me u will get it when u get it after waiting on phone for 2 hrs being passed back and forth to different operators trying to get to the right person to answer ur question then mysteriously the call gets dropped and u have to start all over again. So they wonder why a Vet losses it eventually !!!!!

Webmaster's Note: Who is Peter? CLICK HERE

More Patriot's Response to the Sacramento Bee

  • CJ Grisham 
    No newspaper should undertake censorship at any level. Papers are the direct result of our first amendment protections and when they start - nay, continue - censoring points of view, they can only expect to be next on the chopping block.
  • David Jenest Peter is the POSTER SOLDIER for the very article written by Chris Adams. While this Soldier of the Year in 2009 never complains and appreciates the excellent medical care he has received overall, he has been part of the nearly 1 million backlogged VA cases that has been devastating to him, his family and so many other actual combat injured veterans. He has been giving back to his peers for years and he is one of our most valued volunteers today. The Bee would remove that example? WHY?
  • David Jenest Maybe they are upset because we don't spend donor's money on advertising in the Bee or anywhere else? Maybe it's because one of their readers from Nevada found our posts and work so compelling he made a generous contribution to our efforts? Hmmmm....
  • Randy Campbell Typical! That is how they control the story line in the direction they want. The Bee has always been horrible about really putting the truth out there. They are so anti cop as well that no cop I know would ever talk to them or even be interviewed.
  • David Jenest Thank you Randy Campbell. It has been very difficult to call attention to REAL LIFE examples like Peter's. So too with the treatment by the Office of Inspector General over DVA whose employees cussed at veterans for trying to file complaints. The Bee has yet to delete the PROOF of that incident in 2009. I wish we could have done more for 1SG Lara and his family. Why the Bee would censor our report on a true American soldier hero is beyond me.
  • Lisa Long If a newspaper is going to be biased and censor - we can always choose to stop reading The Bee - Are you listening/reading this Bee Editor? Just as I can change a channel I can choose to not read your paper and I can tell others of your infringing on the 1st Amendment to suit your own purposes or agenda - Thanks for the warning shot, Bee.... I am warned...
  • Michael DeFord Because it didn't fit their preconceived narrative?
  • Debra Jean The problem is much much bigger than one newspaper and we must keep trying so the voices of our veterans are heard. Bypass the Bee and take the story about our soldiers further and further still. Anywhere and everywhere it can be shared.