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Case # CA-HARV-786
(Fully vetted awaiting needs assessment)

She served our nation honorably in the US Army until a back injury during boot camp years earlier forced doctors to medically discharge her. She is still undergoing treatment and evaluation for her current 40% disability rating.

Like many of our veterans returning to civilian life, they find themselves in the back of the line behind 990,000 vets waiting for earned benefits from the US Depart Department of Veteran Affairs.

The most immediate need we will solve with your help is covering DMV registration which would have been done today if the state system wasn't offline.

This case will updated over the weekend and its goal will be adjusted accordingly.


Needs Review Completed.

DMV handled

Auto Repairs

Name City State
PDN Inc Sacramento CA
David Moore Media LLC Amman JO
Darrell Parker Sacramento CA

THANK YOU for taking time to visit this page. As donations come in you can return here to see how those funds are disbursed to meet this US Army veteran's needs.



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