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Saving a Veteran's Personal Property.


Disabled Navy veteran needs financial assist with storing personal property while hospitalized in Sterling Heights VA facility. He has lost his home and we must secure short term storage or housing before August 15th. Transportation has already been secured though a local veteran who was kind enough to search and find Patriotwatch.

See your donation added below soon, and

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT from David Jenest: While it appears this case has been resolved (at least over the next few weeks) your donations will be held in trust until we know this is a fully closed matter. I had planned to refund all donations in FULL until I realized we'd have to make up the PayPal fees. I cannot afford to do that just now. I will keep all donors to this project fully informed. If you do receive a refund, please do not think it a lack of appreciation on my part. 100% of these donations (less credit card and PayPal fees) go to to the case or project you wish to support. 

After a lengthy phone conversation with our Navy DAV this morning, Earl Tallman, Susan Milbank and I have a firm grasp on his immediate needs. With his current medical and emotional issues, he was unable to do many things for himself.

I will update all of you as arrangements to move are in play and we're still accepting donations to reach the goal of $400.

PDN want to recognize Dawn from the EZ-Storage facility for having gone above and beyond to help us had temporary storage been required.

If you ever doubted the Lord answers prayers and  makes miracles happen, stay tuned after clicking on the banner below:

This is our goal. With each donation, you will see our progress and your name if you lent a hand.

Name City   State
Dave Jenest Sacramento   CA
David Moore Washington   DC
Della Milbank Westland   MI
Ron&Lori Wexler Cumming   GA
Cheryl L. Lipan South Lyon   MI
Jennet Johnston Utica   MI
Winifred Mahla Macomb   MI


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