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Webmaster Note: Our partners at Operation Military Support in Calaveras County received a request from a car dealership in Ohio to adopt a military family for Christmas. We passed it along to our Columbus Townhall chapter partners and the rest is history:

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From: Kirsten
Sent: Sunday, December 04, 2005 5:13 PM
Subject: Re: Pentagon contacts
Hi Dave.
I need to know if Allied Organizations has an outlet in Ohio. We had a request from a lady there in a car dealership who wants to adopt a family of soldiers and she need to contact someone who can help her out. Do you have any information on this?

Dave & PDN partners,

We at Columbus Townhall had our January meeting last night at which time I debriefed everyone concerning this project.

I established contact w/the corporate donor which was Dick Masheter Ford and those who gratefully accepted help the Marine Reserve Unit 325th Lima Company to make sure that we still had a match on both ends. I had a short meeting w/Sgt. Zirek at the reserve center prior to out departing to meet with the folks at Dick Masheter Ford. Once at the dealership Sgt. Zirek and I met w/the committee the dealership & Bob Masheter that had been established to make this all happen.

The key thing to remember about this situation is that the dealership employees & it's customers had literally one week gather the donations of cash, gifts & food for our Marine families. When no one had contacted the dealership so they had given up on this project. The families received a combined  conservative estimate of roughly $2,000 in gifts, cash, gift cards & food. This did not include the donation of 2 hrs of maid service from Action Maids for both families and a Mark Hefner photography donated a picture package as well.

Hats off to the highly motivated employees & customers of Dick Masheter Ford for hard work. A special thanks to Bob Masheter for fostering an environment that allows his employees & customers to participate in helping out during the Christmas season.

A small personal note to everyone. When I first walked into the reserve center you could feel the tension in the air that this reserve unit was happy to be home yet they were still in mourning for their fallen comrades. Everyone within the this unit has helped created a stone memorial in honor of those who did not return from Iraq. Please keep our soldiers, sailors, marines and their families in your thoughts & prayers.

I hope to begin the process for starting a Central Ohio Chapter of Allied Organizations within the next 30-60 days. For those of you on a local level who have received this email who may be interested in participating do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you again everyone for the opportunity to help make this happen.


It doesn't end there!

OHIO: PDN Case Number: 08-226 The Columbus Townhall Chapter and PDN are working to help this Ohio military family meet past due utility and mortgage payments. This Bronze Star 22 years of service veteran US Army soldier was called up from his reserve status for his first deployment to Iraq then deployed again to Ft. Monroe, VA. 

Adopt-a-Soldier program steps up to keep water from being shut off. Insurance cancellation avoided thanks to talk radio hosts Quinn & Rose. Local "Vets for Freedom" resources has covered the mortgage, utilities and groceries.

CASE CLOSED with thanks from a grateful military family. 

Folks, we were the "Court of last Resort" given the rejections the family experienced from "The Big" charities simply because the military spouse is a major and Army Reservist.  It's sad that these well funded national charities with all their paid staff and six figure income officers and directors can't or won't review their own policies when a family like this is on the brink of disaster.

I want to thank each and every partner that stepped up to clear this case and help stabilize this deserving family.





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