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1250 Howe Avenue, Sacramento, CA

Merchandise purchased in this Old Navy store and donated to this cause will earn a 10% off on their entire purchase. 

Outerwear Drive Successful!

Outstanding hosts Christian and Cecilia from the Old Navy store on Howe Avenue in Sacramento provide warm clothing for our military families. Cecilia was the driving force behind and along with Manager Gabi, that brought an effort where Old Navy customers donated outerwear to the cause.

Winter Clothing for Military Families


"I reported to my unit chaplain for assistance. I need some financial help in preparing for the winter. My son has no warm clothes or jackets, pampers and wipes. I need to buy electric plug in heaters. I fell short of funds this month paying off debt and catching up on my car payments.. I got some help with groceries but in not sure it will last. If you can help out i will really appreciate it. Thank You." (A Fort Bliss, TX mom and soldier)

We have many requests like this arriving and can get some items to these deserving families with your help in covering shipping costs and basic expenses.



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