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Rally for America - Sacramento
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Looking through some of the digital images preserved from Rally for America - Sacramento, this is my pick of the day. 

As you look at our friend Ed Anderson, a distinguished and decorated veteran, do you see the warmth and pride in his face as he listens to Virgil, a ROTC cadet.  Few of us could walk in Ed's shoes or know the memories Ed shares with his fellow veterans. But his face, with all the character and wisdom one sees, says it all. Virgil approaches the world ahead, our friend looks back on the one he shaped with his selfless sacrifice. One day his torch will be passed...  God bless you Ed and Virgil... when that day comes... carry the torch and it's light of freedom proudly.

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From the War Room to the Home Front...
Mark Williams thrilled a patriotic crowd in Sacramento today...

ImageMark William - KFBK Sacramento (50,000 watt clear channel) Monday thru Friday 7-10 PM
Call in Numbers (800) 834-1530 California Toll Free (916) 921-1530   
Dial * or # 1530 from your cell phone

Rally for America - Sacramento - Master of Ceremonies 
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California Thanks you Senator Oller....

State Senator Thomas "Rico" Oller
Our Legislative Sponsor - Rally for America

“Leadership means doing what’s right, not what is politically convenient.” -- Rico Oller

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To the Volunteer team members of PDN
Thank You

It was a long week culminating in a rewarding day. Check back often for a host of photos and tributes for a job well done by you and the wonderful people who benefited from your outstanding service to Rally for America.

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